MBA programs

MBA for graduates of economic faculties\r\n\r\nKnown and most popular postgraduate studies in management and business today is a MBA (Master of Business Administration). The US has a century-old tradition and it is fifty years in Europe. Its aim is to prepare graduates of various types of universities in managerial and entrepreneurial activity. CMI offers MBA study program, which is adjusted program of Winthrop University, USA and cm-institut Business School. This program is designed for graduates with bachelor and master (engineering studies), both economic faculties and universities of non-economic focus.\r\n\r\nProgram of study at our faculty is adjusted program Winthrop University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. It is intended for graduates of economics faculties who know Spanish or English and can communicate in it. Lessons are held in English and in Spanish or English. The final diploma project, students presented in English and in Spanish or English, and advocates before the Czech-Spanish Commission in Prague.\r\n\r\nStudies have 900 contact hours and lasts 2 years. Teaching is carried out from 16.30 to 20.00 hrs. In the range of 12 – 15 hours per week (ie. 3 – 4 times a week, usually Monday – Thursday). It is therefore a full-time study, but most students course work.\r\nLessons are held in the center, at the exit of the subway station Karlovo nám.\r\n\r\nProfile subjects: the world economy, global problems, managerial economics, marketing, current trends in management, financial management, project management, how to start a business, competitive strategy, strategic management, information management, managerial accounting, banking, audit, human resources management , business ethics, business and communication skills, legal issues and taxes, economic Spanish or English.\r\n\r\nThe teaching staff is composed of university professors and associate professors, but also experts from the industrial and financial experience and researchers who have experience with the preparation and further upgrading skills of managers. Apart from our experts on teaching teachers also participate in ESMA Barcelona. The course makes use of modern teaching methods and techniques – special tests, case studies, simulations and games.\r\n\r\nAdmissions information session takes the form of applicants to the school management. Prospective students must submit interviewing university diploma (Certificate of graduating from high school) and proof of identity. . The entrance interviews candidates will be in writing (e-mail) invited on the basis of the submitted application, which is available on, and which must be completed to send e-mail to the school. Registrations are accepted on an ongoing basis, the first term of interviews will take place in late February 2013. Classes will begin in first week of October\r\nThe MBA program is accredited by the Czech Association of MBA Schools,