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professionals for business management and business

  • World-renowned
    diploma together with
    CESMA Madrid

  • CMI is successfully preparing
    MBA professionals for
    more than 20 years

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Applications are accepted continuously until October 2018
  • 1896 graduates

    Our graduates report successes not only in business but they can apply in the banking sector. For many students, the MBA is a fast way to work.

  • 17 experienced lecturers

    Most of our lecturers have long-term experience in business, management, economics and law in both the Czech Republic and the world markets.

  • 1 or 2 years

    Study 1 or 2 years of the same MBA program. The program spread over 2 years is suitable for study at work,
    content is not different from one year old.

  • 39 500

    Most of our lecturers have many years of experience in business, management, economics and law in both Czech and world markets.

Collaboration with CESMA Madrid

CMI Institute Prague cooperates with Spanish business school CESMA Madrid.


Postgraduate MBA is focused on the practical preparation of entrepreneurs and managers. Qualified lecturers with experience in the professional preparation of entrepreneurs and managers approach learning innovatory and use their work experience gained in professional practice.

The CMI has been operating in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years

Hundreds of successful graduates work in the private and public spheres in a number of top management positions in companies and organizations.


On CMI Prague spaniardish english

Modern business can not succeed in a closed space. Therefore, MBA's MBA program allows students to study selected subjects in Spanish and English as well as advanced language courses.


Get an MBA diploma accredited by CAMBAS (Czech Association of MBA Schools)

The most important and most popular postgraduate course in management and business is today the MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. Its aim is to prepare graduates of various types of universities for managerial and entrepreneurial activity. CMI Praha offers an MBA program, which has been attended by hundreds of successful managers and entrepreneurs over the course of 22 years.

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