About School

Czech Management Institute Prague has a twenty-four year acting in the field of economic education focused on both an undergraduate degree and MBA program. The school was opened as a joint project of the Czech Management Institute in Prague and the University of marketing and management of ESMA Barcelona in the year 1994. The organization was founded as a direct result of the friendly relations and cooperation between the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic and the Kingdom of Spain, which has been ratified and it entered into force on 10. 12. 1992. For this reason, we always had the support of the Embassy of Spain.

The fundamental mission of school is to prepare university-educated professionals for managerial and entrepreneurial activity. This project arose prior to the adoption of Act no. 111/1998 Coll. on universities, which enabled the establishment of private universities in the Czech Republic, however, he responded to the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree in terms of the range of at least 1,800 teaching hours in full-time study. The curriculum in some areas (economic theory, foreign languages, etc..) was identical to curriculum of the economic faculties of public universities, other areas (economic policy, business administration, business management and others) were projected more detailed and has been used as an inspiration for preparing bachelor programs of certain public and private universities. The curriculum also includes a number of so-called training courses related to the future manager or entrepreneur  job (management II -problem solving, rhetorics, psychodiagnostics, business ethics and communication skills, rational reading), that means objects that are not usually included in the curricula of economic faculties . Learning program includes training in two foreign languages ​​in order to reach the active level of their knowledge.Teaching is carried out 30 weeks in the first and second year of studies. The third edition has a short summer semester, since it takes place practices and processing bachelor theses (total 1765 hours) that all possibly seditious teaching hours are not replaced.

The concept and program of study are comparable with the concept and study programs at similar schools in the European Union. A high level of education is given not only the selection of teaching staff of the school, which is composed of experienced university teachers and professionals but also comparable requirements in assessing the level of study. The study program includes 4 comprehensive exams, 23 partial examinations and a number of credits (including the credits classified). The study is concluded by state examinations and defense of the bachelor thesis in the Czech language in the Czech Republic and in the language of Spanish or English in Spain.

CMI uses to teach activating didactic methods. The Governing Board of the school and the teaching staff are working people who have devoted their professional lives to the issues of adult education and especially managers. Teaching is not one-sided nature of transmission of knowledge, but the goal is the development of skills and habits of current and future managers and entrepreneurs. A matter of course in the teaching include the use of audio-visual classrooms, the use of simulation methods, case studies, practical examples. Backed by a group training and teamwork.

Focusing on cooperation with Spain arose partly from the requirement to enrich the operation of foreign educational institutions as well as those of other countries (than eg. the US, UK, Germany), utilize the experience of foreign schools from the effects of the market economy (the Spanish universities are among those that best placed in the world rankings MBA schools), understanding of Spain as a gateway for business with South America. Early 90s ESMA Barcelona was the first school in Spain, which has concluded a cooperation agreement with the University of Economics in Prague and CMI Prague, too. Curriculum provide the opportunity to complete part of their studies (one semester) in Spain.

CMI Praha takes place in teaching undergraduate studies from r. 1994 (the first graduates completed their studies in r. 1997). Experience so far shows that graduates are well prepared both for practice and for the progressing of study in the master´s programme. In 1997, the Ministry of Education included the CMI Prague in the decree on students relate to social benefits provided to university students in the country. The Ministry decision was based on the positive opinion especially the Faculty of Business Economics, the study program is comparable with the study program of the faculty and graduates CMI Prague may continue in the master´s programme at this faculty without having to compose the aptitude test.

School since 2004, carries out surveys of its graduates, oriented to their level of satisfaction with the overall level of organization studies as well as with the level of their career prospects. The results of this feedback indicate a relatively high rating levels of the school and its ability to prepare graduates to prestigious positions in business practice.The social life of the faculty represent matriculation, graduation parties, balls and rag, which alongside the students and their family members attended the teachers and representatives of the Spanish Embassy and embassies of various Latin American countries.